ZLaner RIPS Hacking Accusers, Declares INNOCENCE!

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    After 2 years of hacking accusations on Warzone, Ricochet anti-cheat went live during the Dr Disrespect 2v2 Tournament on Caldera…and when OpTic Zlaner dropped big kills games anyway…he let his hacking accusers know.

    Zlaner has dealt with more Warzone hacking accusations that any other streamer out there, so when the Ricochet anti-cheat went live while he was playing in a 2v2 Warzone event with Dr Disrespect, every time he had a big kill game he made sure to tell the Doc that NA anti-cheat was active by the way.

    Hacking accusers had always said the only reason Zlaner got away with it was a lack of anti-cheat in Warzone. But with Ricochet now live on the new Caldera map, and Zlaner still dropping those big kill games in tournament settings, you can’t blame him for rubbing it in the faces of all his doubters every time he dropped 20+ kills on the new map.

    Dr Disrespect joined in too, mocking the accusers and joking that Zlaner was whitelisted, but will this finally put the hacking accusations to rest? Will even his biggest accusers finally have to admit that the OpTic star is just better than them, or will they find a new excuse to accuse him of getting around the anti-cheat? Let us know in the comments!

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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