ZLaner NOT ALLOWED in Twitch Rivals After Dr Disrespect Cosplay


Did Twitch Rivals deny Zlaner a spot in the $75,000 Warzone Showdown to punish him for his Dr Disrespect cosplay?

While streaming Warzone with his frequent duo partner, Dr Disrespect, Zlaner revealed that he didn’t think he was eligible to play in the Twitch Rivals $75,000 event despite being one of the biggest names in Warzone. He also said that he was pretty sure the reason for not being involved was his “Stunt” in the last Twitch Rivals event.

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The Stunt in question was Zlaner cosplaying as Dr Disrespect during the event, including singing docs songs and a full costume. Dr Disrespect of course cannot play in any Twitch Rivals events since being permanently banned on Twitch, and Zlaner said he did it to make sure people still showed some respect for the Doc.

If Zlaner is right, and Twitch Rivals did ban him from the event for his Dr Disrespect cosplay, you have to wonder where their priorities are. With their event currently being completely reset after they let a hacker run wild for over an hour, maybe more time worrying about the game itself and not what the streamers are dressed as would be a better use of Twitch’s time.

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