Warzone Streamer HACKING LIVE in Twitch Rivals

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    Hackers have made it into the custom lobbies for a Twitch Rivals Warzone event, apparently streaming themselves cheating.

    Warzone pro Fifakill says he was killed by a hacker in the Twitch Rivals EU Warzone event, with the cheater being a Twitch partner in the event and apparently streaming himself hacking. When Fifakill called out the streamer for hacking in the event, not only was he denied a reset for himself, but Twitch Rivals allowed the alleged hacker to keep on playing.

    A clip has also surfaced of the alleged hacker, Davskar, streaming while appearing to have veryblatant aim hacks on. After seeing the clip, Warzone pro Newbz tweeted “This guy is shameless. 100% Cheating”. Teep, DougIsRaw and other Warzone pros all mocked Twitch Rivals for allowing what appears to be incredibly blatant cheating in a custom lobbies event.

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    Most insane of all is the fact that as of us recording, Davskar, the Twitch partner who appears to be hacking and streaming in a Twitch Rivals event…is still playing in the event! We will see if Twitch Rivals finally does something after seeing the incredibly damaging video clips, but for now, Twitch rivals seem to be content letting a blatant hacker play in one of their own official events.

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