Warzone Pro RIPPED For Harassing Female Streamer

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    Zlaner, IceManIsaac,and other Warzone pros are ripping Clutchbelk for mocking senseiswishem, a female warzone player signed by NYSL, and for having his chat harass her.

    Clutchbelk is under fire after one of his mods went to a female streamer’s chat after Belk eliminated her in a Warzone game to say she got rolled, which led to a discord exchange and some heated words on stream that got really out of hand.

    Belk started ripping SenseiSwishem, telling her to stop crying, calling her dumb, and then even calling another female Warzone player a b*tch in the middle of his rant. At one point, Belk’s mom may even have gotten in on the fight to call Swishem a b*tch herself, all while Belk mocked the streamer for not having placed in any warzone events or having prize money or viewership like him and mocking her to his teammates on stream.

    Topic begins 2:10

    But even Belk’s own trio teammate Zlaner, who was not part of his squad that day, had harsh words for the Warzone pro’s attack on Swishem, saying shaming someone for having less viewers or prize money is not something he’s down with. And NRG pro Iceman Isaac doubled down, saying he would not let this behavior become the norm. So did Belk go too far, or is this all a lot of drama over nothing? Let us know in the comments!

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