Warzone Glitch RUINING Games

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    The Superman glitch is back in Warzone again, forcing players to either jump insanely long distances or fall flat on the ground, and players just want to know why this has never truly been fixed.

    A new video surfaced showing the Superman glitch getting a streamer killed in a 1v1 to win a game after he got ripped from the top of a building to the ground outside just by walking near a ledge. And while this glitch isn’t new, that fact is troubling a lot of players, as apparently the Warzone devs have never found a real solution to stopping it from happening.

    With all the hacking issues facing Warzone, people sometimes forget what a glitchy mess the game can be, with the Superman glitch, stim glitches, invisibility glitches, and even the god mode glitch all showing up in the game. And while anti-cheat may be just a month away to prevent hackers from ruining the game, glitch fixes don’t seem to be on the horizon.

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    So while hackers may soon get driven out by anti-cheat, are Warzone glitches just a part of the game forever? For now at least, the Superman glitch is back and costing players games in Warzone, so hopefully the devs finally take action to clean up the coding and get these glitches out of our lobbies.

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