Twitter Stops Selling Blue Check Marks After Impersonators Take to the Platform

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    Just a few days after opening the sale of green ticks for $ 8, Twitter suddenly stopped this feature but has not made any announcement.

    The move follows a rapid increase in impostor accounts on the platform. The green checkmark is only for accounts belonging to celebrities or businesses… to avoid forgery. However, when Elon Musk allowed anyone to buy Twitter Blue for 8 USD, many people bought and changed their names to celebrities, posting fake news and causing chaos on social networks.

    The option to subscribe to green ticks has disappeared from the iOS app. Meanwhile, this feature is not yet available on Android. For the person who paid for Twitter Blue, the blue check has been removed.

    Instead, Twitter uses the gray check “Official” for verified accounts. The platform previously introduced gray ticks as a solution to avoid counterfeiting when green ticks are sold. Initially, Musk killed this option after only one day of implementation. Given his constant change, it is unclear how long the gray area will last.

    There is currently no information on whether this is a new policy or a system error. Musk warned that Twitter cannot survive the coming recession without an increase in account subscription revenue that offsets a drop in ad income. However, he later suggested that his companies would still be in good standing next year despite a potentially tougher economy.

    Many big companies like General Motors and United Airlines stopped advertising on the platform after Musk took over. In response, the billionaire said on 9/11 that he wants to turn Twitter into a platform that protects the truth and prevents fake accounts.

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