Nickmercs Wants to SAVE Warzone

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    Nickmercs thinks Warzone needs 3 big changes for the game to survive, and none of them are anti-cheat.

    Warzone’s lack of anti-cheat and massive hacker issues are a problem, but Nickmercs thinks that needing anti-cheat is a no brainer, and that 3 other huge changes are needed to save the game for players and Twitch streamers. First among Nick’s changes would be brand new maps. Verdansk got some updates when Black Ops: Cold War came out, but in a lot of ways it is still the same map, and playing the same map for nearly 2 years is getting very stale.

    Nickmercs second big change would be an FOV slider on console, who are stuck with a static field of view and make up a pretty big chunk of Warzone players who are basically being neglected. Nick thinks an FOV slider to match the PC version would be a nice quality of life perk to show the MFAM console players they are appreciated.

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    And finally, Nickmercs want’s Warzone to be much, much quicker to address known bugs and glitches in the game. With many Warzone glitches, like stim glitches and invisibility bugs, showing up patch after patch, Nick wants much quicker responses and more permanent solutions, so players aren’t dealing with the same issues over and over again.

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