Nickmercs is Quitting Warzone For Apex Legends

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    Nickmercs has finally had enough, and has said he is done with Warzone, switching to Apex, and won’t stream it on Twitch or even upload Warzone to his YouTube anymore.

    Nickmercs has had a love/hate relationship with Warzone for months. A frequent target of stream snipers and hackers, Nickmercs has finally had enough, and says that he is done with Warzone. While talking with TimTheTaman on his Twitch stream, Nick said might come back in a few weeks to look at the new update, but that he was all in on Apex Legends, and would be uploading and streaming it no matter what his fans or viewers thought.

    Nickmercs isn’t the first streamer to leave Warzone for Apex Legends. Courage made the move official just a day ago, tweeting that he was having more fun on Apex Legends and taking a break from Warzone. Cloakzy even tweeted “Is Warzone dead” just 24 hours before Nickmercs announced he was done with the game.

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    With big name streamers abandoning Warzone over hacking, glitches, and rampant stream sniping, can the game really hold on to the top spot on Twitch much longer? And while other Twitch streamers like TimTheTatman leave Warzone for Apex Legends to play with their friends? Time will tell, but it’s definitely been a tough week for Warzone.

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