Hackers SHUT DOWN Apex Legends (Save Titanfall)

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    One of the largest hacks in gaming history has made Apex Legends almost completely unplayable.

    Hackers have targeted Apex Legends, and the resulting disruption to match making has made EA’s billion dollar Battle Royale unplayable across nearly every platform. The hackers appear to be upset about that state of one of Respawn’s previous games, Titanfall, as it directs players to a website called “”.

    The hack spawns random pop ups with the message “Save Titanfall”, and even replaces all the server lists for match matching “Save Titanfall” text on a loop, and disables those servers for match making, leaving players without a match to connect to.

    While Apex is no stranger to hackers, with some like TUFI becoming infamous for their constant in game cheating, this hack is on an entirely different, world wide level. Apparently the hackers are angry that Titanfall 1 is suffering from serious hacking issues of its own, and is demanding EA/Respawn finally fix the game after years of neglect.

    Respawn finally did fix the massive Apex hack with a hot patch, but not after one of the biggest games in the world was taken down for hours. It’s one of the most wide spread hacks in the history of gaming…and all over different issues in a game released years ago.

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