GTA 6 leaks gameplay footage confirms female protagonist

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    A gamer on GTA Forum with the nick “teapotuberhacker” has just announced that he was one of the people who carried out the hack into Rockstar and stole the source code and content of GTA 5 and GTA 6, creating one of the cases. The biggest leak in the gaming industry.

    To prove his claim, this character has released about 90 different videos from a test build version of GTA 6. These videos as well as images cut from them have spread all over the internet, on social networks like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and more. Below you can check out one of the videos from GTA 6 that appeared in this case.

    Later, this hack was also confirmed to be real by the famous game reporter Jason Schreier. “There is no doubt, but I have also confirmed that the GTA 6 leak this weekend is true with some sources from Rockstar,” Mr. Schreier said. “The videos posted are of course from an early and incomplete build. This is one of the biggest leaks in gaming history and a nightmare for Rockstar.”

    One of the leaked images shows the game’s heroine (or one of them) named Lucia. This information matches what has been revealed about the game before, and gamers quickly found the actress who is likely to take on the role: Alexandra Cristina Echavarri, a human actress and singer. Puerto Rico. Many other information has also been discovered by careful gamers from these videos, but because the game is still far from its release date – expected to be 2024 or 2025, they will certainly be changed in the future.

    The video with the appearance of the character Lucia shows the scene of robbing a waffle shop with a lot of GTA 5 objects used temporarily. Even if you’re disappointed in the visuals seen from these leaks, keep in mind that this is an extremely rudimentary version of the game and there’s a lot of unfinished business – not even a few models. is also used as a “placeholder” to wait for the final version to be made.

    After the information about this Leak spread on the Internet, Teapotuberhacker said that he had received thousands of messages, including the offer to buy GTA 6 source code for $ 750,000. This hacker said he was trying to contact Rockstar and Take-Two to negotiate, perhaps to “earn more” or seek to avoid litigation, because Take-Two is famous for not being afraid to use the law team. my monk.

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