Dr Disrespect Unhappy with CoD Vanguard and Aim Assist

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    Dr Disrespect is not happy with Call Of Duty:Vanguard, calling out the game for having the strongest aim assist he has ever seen, and threatening to quit the game just days after it’s release.

    Dr Disrespect is not shy when it comes to criticizing games, and the new Call Of Duty:Vanguard did not escape his wrath either after a few games with Zlaner, TimTheTatman, and Courage. Dr Disrespect was blown away by what he called the strongest aim assist he has ever seen, saying he could literally use it to find enemies across the map, and then threatening to completely quit the game in another stream just days after release.

    Doc’s feelings on aim assist are well known, as he has gone back and forth with Nickmercs over the topic, with Dr Disrespect even threatening to slap the sunglasses off Nick’s face after the lifelong controller gang member kept defending aim assist.

    Topic begins 2:05

    So is Dr Disrespect right, and controller players with aim assist are just going to absolutely ruin Vanguard, or is he just blowing the whole thing out of proportion? While Dr Disrespect has returned to Vanguard after threatening to quit, with Battlefield 2042 on the way and a new Apex Legends season, we don’t expect to see him on the title for long.

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