Dr Disrespect Twitch Info Leaked in Breach

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    Lost in the shuffle of all the huge amounts of information and streamer finances leaked in the Twitch data breach was the fact that the leak also contained the information of Dr Disrespect, the so-called “Unknown” 11th streamer.

    Nearly every Twitch streamer had their payouts and other sensitive information revealed by the Twitch data breach, with some like Cloakzy even being mocked for not earning enough to land a spot on the top 100 of the leaked list by getting called Brokezy, the leak also affected those streamers that had left or been banned by Twitch.

    TimTheTatman got his Twitch payout information revealed, but so did another mysterious Twitch streamer simply listed as “unknown” at number 11…but that streamer turned out to be Dr Disrespect. So not only has Twitch banned Dr Disrespect and then gotten sued by the Doc in court over his terminated contract…now they have also leaked private financial data on the Doc to the entire world.

    Dr Disrespect played off the Twitch leaks on streams, saying he didn’t care about the purple snakes, but this has to be yet another item on his long list of grievances against Twitch…and possibly even legal ammunition to use against them in court. And with the scale of the Twitch data breach apparently growing, the leaks may only just be starting.

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