Dr Disrespect RAGES At Lying Warzone Devs

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    Dr Disrespect unleashed an epic rant at the Warzone devs over Dead Silence, raging that they had lied about any sort of nerf to the perk on the new Caldera map, and that it was just more fake PR from the devs.

    Dead silence has always been controversial, with Dr Disrespect going on full on stream rants over the unfairness of the perk even back on the old Warzone Verdansk map months ago. And Dr Disrespect isn’t alone, with other streamers like Zlaner having had similar complaints for months. But the Pacific Update for Warzone and the new Caldera map were supposed to nerf the perk…and the Doc is here to tell you that it was all just lies and fake PR.

    Saying the perk was as strong and as unfair as ever, Dr Disrespect raged at the Warzone devs, and threatened again to uninstall Warzone just days after Caldera dropped. The Doc said that players have wanted the Dead Silence perk out of Warzone for 2 years, and the devs keep lying about doing anything about it despite all the player outrage.

    So is Dr Disrespect right, and the Dead Silence perk just doesn’t have a place in Warzone, in either Verdansk or Caldera? Or could the perk stay in the game as long as it gets a more aggressive nerf in the next update?

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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