Dr Disrespect OFFERED to Join OpTic Chicago

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    H3CZ known as ‘CEO of Optic Gaming’ offers Dr Disrespect a spot on OpTic Chicago!

    During a recent live stream, the CEO of OpTic Gaming popped into Dr Disrespect’s call with Team Summertime. The Doc seemed surprised to hear H3CZ’s voice and even more shocked when he heard what the OpTic CEO had to say. H3CZ asked Dr Disrespect if he was open to joining OpTic Chicago, the new Call of Duty League team. It’s hard to tell if this is a joke or a legitimate offer and it’s unclear if Dr Disrespect was truly serious about this or not.

    You can the the clip here (begin at 2:26):

    The Doc actually being a shareholder and potential future call of duty owner. H3CZ actually donated $100 to Doc’s stream and said he called him an owner of some sort. He hinted and teased off the basic rumour out there that Doc was going to be the future owner of which we really do think he will be. But will it be shareholder and a partial owner of optic gaming. Thats the question.

    We truly do thing when we first saw the clip that the guy like Doc will not be joining an existing brand or team. We think he wants to build or a part of something new and something can be focused on his own brand. But OpTic Doc that would be nuts, you can imagine the collaborations, the drops, the things they could really do together to bolster the number one talked about team alongside the LA Thieves that being OpTic Chicago with the help of Doc. Would he take this offer though, is it even a serious offer or just a troll from a Co-CEO.

    We leave it for you guys with the question. Hope you guys enjoyed the news.

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