6 Year Old FAKES Warzone Ban for FaZe Clan

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    6 year old Rowdy Rogan has admitted to faking his Call of duty Warzone ban for the Faze Clan Faze5 recruitment challenge. With many people falling on both sides of the argument of this being incredibly smart, or incredibly stupid.

    its now 6 year old Rowdy Rogan confirmed by him and his family in a Faze5 recruitment challenge, he is one of the 20 finalist in that challengen, the next step to make a video go viral and in doing so they have now confirmed his warzone was indeed fake. #freeRogan on twitter was also faked to compete in the Faze clan challenge.

    Here is the initial clip of this supposed Warzone ban which we now know was faked (begin at 1:04):

    Here is their most recent video where they admit to faking this ban all for Faze5 challenge (Begin at 4:51):

    Rogan is just 6 years old. Theres alot more pieces to this puzzle. Please dont direct hate towards him. A 6 years old and his family trying to get into Faze clan and having to fake clips or fake bans to do so. What you guys think about this?

    Hope you guys enjoyed the news. Have a nice day!

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