Xiaomi announces a smart speaker with Google Assistant that looks amazing

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    Xiaomi always tries to stay at the forefront and it is thanks to this that it continues to bring us gadgets that can make our lives easier. One of those things that it will bring us to the future is the Mi Smart Speaker, which promises to be quite good.

    We will need one
    Thanks to Xiaomi in India we can meet a new device that looks very interesting, first of all because of the design. This equipment looks similar to others on the market on the outside, having a ring of light on top and with a very minimalist appearance that can fit perfectly in almost any type of decoration.

    On the front it also has a touch panel, where you can control the multimedia playback that is taking place at that time, in addition to turning the device’s microphone on and off.

    In terms of specifications we have the following:

    Weight of 853 grams.
    Its dimensions are 131 x 104 x 151 mm.
    Its only speaker is a 12W 63.5mm with DTS technology.
    Touch controls.
    Two microphones.
    Compatibility with Android 4.4 or higher and with iOS 9.0 or higher.
    Chassis made of metal
    LED that can display up to 16 million colors.
    Bluetooth 4.2

    The DTS technology in the loudspeaker promises to reduce noise distortion while delivering very high quality bass.

    Yes, this equipment looks very interesting, but there is a problem, and that is that it is not known if this equipment will leave India, so its price and availability in other parts of the world are non-existent and it is not known if someday they will be announced.

    Be that as it may, we will be aware of any news that may arise about this Mi Smart Speaker.

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