Warzone Pro Banned Mid Event After Hacker Cheated

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    Warzone Pro Stukawaki was banned live on stream in the middle of a $20,000 event after falling victim to what some people thought was the same Max Level hack as Nickmercs did. It turns out, it was someone hacking on his account as Stukawaki has now stated.

    Earlier this week Nickmercs killed a hacker and got the Max Level Warzone glitch on his own account, which unlocked tons of weapons and made his account level 1000, TimtheTatman and Cloakzy were laughing about it. But now, Warzone pro Stukawaki may have found out just how dangerous the new hack can be, when it may have gotten his account banned and forced him out of a $20,000 Warzone event.

    Stukawaki was playing in a Warzone event live on stream when the ban occurred. He was kicked out of the game, and forced to watch his teammates play without him while he tried to figure out how he got banned. After the event, Activision confirmed he had been banned because someone had hacked his account, and decided to unban him, but not before missing out on the $20,000 event and costing his team a chance at the money.

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    The Warzone pro was also accused of hacking by some people who just saw the ban and didn’t know the reason, so once he was cleared by Activision, he let them know just what they could do with their hacking accusations in a fiery tweet. And it’s all just another example of how a lack of anti-cheat is leaving the Warzone esports scene at the mercy of hackers.

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