Warzone In SHAMBLES, Streamers PISSED

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    As Warzone’s new Pacific Update and Caldera map continue to be plagued by massive, game ruining glitches, big name streamers like Zlaner, Courage, Aydan and more are quitting or threatening to quit the game.

    The new Caldera map has been met with almost universal criticism, and now just over a week after replacing Verdansk, huge streamers are walking away or threatening to walk away due to the huge glitches and negative changes to the game. 100 Thieves co-owner Courage has flat out uninstalled the game, and Aydan, Zlaner, Dr Disrespect and more may be right behind him.

    Even Twitch Rivals has had to pull the plug on massive Warzone events, canceling a $75,000 Warzone tournament because the new Caldera map just wasn’t stable enough to be played on with money on the line. Zlaner has called the new map a shambles, saying glitches and changes to the load outs have made it nearly unplayable, and Aydan is also considering walking away from the game entirely.

    So just a week into Caldera and Twitch streamers, pros, and YouTubers all seem to be fleeing the game in record numbers. Is there a chance for Caldera to make a comeback, or is Warzone’s time as a top Twitch game and an esport effectively over?

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