Warzone God Mode Hack RETURNS to Ruin the Game

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    According to a clip shown by IceManIsaac, Warzone hackers have finally unlocked “god mode”, turning them into completely invincible killing machines.

    Just days after Warzone’s first anti-cheat update, Hackers have found a way to break the game harder than ever before, giving themselves unlimited health and making them immune to damage. This god mode hack threatens to completely destroy the balance of Warzone.

    The clip shared by IceManIsaac shows a warzone hacker running around the map, getting shot literally hundreds of times, and taking absolutely no damage as they walked around and mowed down every other player they saw. There appeared to be no way to stop god mode, and nothing the players in the hacker’s Warzone lobby could do appeared to have any effect on him.

    With hacking problems already out of control in Warzone, the arrival of god mode could be the final straw for a lot of big name Twitch streamers, and possibly even the game itself. Because if every few games you just automatically lose to an unstoppable hacker you can never even damage, what’s the point of even playing the game?

    And without real anti-cheat, it’s not even clear what Warzone devs can do besides ban these hackers after they have already ruined dozens of games each, and just hope they don’t come back.

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