Warzone Devs HIDING the REAL Caldera?

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    A stunning new Warzone leak has revealed that private matches on the new Caldera maps for tournaments and other events are on a completely different build of the game than public matches…which means you may never have even seen the “real” Caldera.

    The pacific update was supposed to bring the new Caldera map to all Warzone pros, and move them off their old Verdansk stomping grounds. But according to TrueGameData, the Caldera map you and I play is very, very different to the one used in private matches for big events, and can even have different stats.

    That means that Dr Disrespect, Aydan, Huskerrs, and all the other big Warzone streamers and pros are playing games where their guns do different damage, have different recoil, and basically function wildly different than the guns you and I pick up when we drop into Caldera. It also means those same big streamers like TimTheTatman and Doc run into completely different glitches than we do. Just take Dr Disrespect’s terrible luck with the Gulag bug in the UFC Warzone Invitational for example.

    So who is playing on the “Real” version of Caldera? Is it Warzone players like you and me, or are we on the outside looking in and only the Zlaner’s, FazE Swaggs, and TimTheTatman’s of the world have truly played the new map?

    What is your thought? Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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