Twitch: Step by step to start a Watch Party

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    The new Twitch feature called Watch Party is now available to all streamers around the world and you can’t miss how it works.

    Twitch, like other live streaming platforms, has decided to incorporate a new tool into its platform that allows you to watch movies available on Amazon Prime or Prime Video.

    What is a Watch Party?
    This feature allows Twitch communities to join together so they can watch, enjoy, react and discuss any movie or TV show that is available on the Amazon platforms already mentioned.

    By creating a Watch Party, the creator user and others who want to join will be able to view Amazon material directly from Twitch.

    How can I start a Watch Party on Twitch
    It is important that you keep in mind that in order to start this function, you must have an Amazon Prime Video account.

    If you don’t have an account, you can sign up on the Amazon Prime Video page. But if you already have it, then we invite you to follow these steps to start your Watch Party on Twitch.

    Steps to follow to create a Watch Party

    • Click on the Twitch Streaming Manager in the upper right corner and then on Creator Dashboard.
    • Add the Watch Party to your Quick Actions
    • Now click on Watch Party and log into Amazon Prime
    You must authorize Twitch access to your Amazon Prime account
    • After this you must choose the movie or series you want to see
    Disable all video and audio sources except your webcam and microphone
    • Resize the webcam capture to fit full screen so that it can be seen correctly on top of the chat.
    • Now select where it says “Star Watch Party” so that the Amazon Prime material begins to be transmitted automatically on your channel in a matter of seconds.
    • Finally, click on “Open Watch Parties in New Tab” or go to your channel page to watch it with your viewers.

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