Twitch Lying About Giving Reasons for Bans

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    After Twitch staff said they give streamers an email with details and a reason for their bans, it seems that wasn’t the full case with​ Cloud9 creator known as “Ziqo” who claims Twitch never gave him the reason.

    Twitch staff came on stream to talk about the brand new harassment policies and very importantly making a notion to bans and suspensions of all streamers out there, they make sure to note that when streamer is suspened or banned those streamers receive an email with the details and reason to why they’re banned.

    Topic begins 0:34

    its been 7 months since doc got banned on twitch and we still doesnt know why he was banned.

    Those two statements by twitch staff and by doc are very much opposing. Another streamer who was also banned within a couple of days of this statement being made by twitch that every streamer receives a reason as to why the’re suspended or banned. We have Cloud9 Ziqo saying that’s not true. He was suspended and not given a reason and there was no transparency shown by twitch at all.

    Hes been banned not given an exact reason as to why he’s been banned, what’s to stop him from doing the same thing in the future if he doesn’t know exactly what it is. Even XQC talking about this:

    If Twitch wasn’t lying, the VOD of twitch staff making statement would still be up. They can’t be trusted. Justice for Dr. Disrespect!

    Hope you enjoy. Have a nice day!

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