Twitch is Banning Simps and Virgins

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    The year is 2020, and Twitch is now banning for the terms simps, virgins, and incels. What else can we expect?

    It is now potentially a bannable offense once the newly established terms of service of twitch are actually enacted and brought to us first by streamer news and then reported by several sources out there with some additional information.

    It seems that if you use these following words in a derogatory manner or as an insult it could be bannable offsense on the twitch platform that being the words: incel, virgin and simp are now potentially bannable offenses moving foward on twitch if you use them in a hurtful manner.

    Topic begins at 0:59

    Afterwards reported by slasher. This is actually got at trending on twitter. Hundred thousand plus tweets involving the word simp which was trending.

    Hope you all enjoy. Have a nice day!

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