Ninja Rages at Kids Stream Sniping and Quitting Fortnite


In a recent stream,​ Ninja continued to run into stream snipers in Fortnite and has possibly called it quits on streaming the game in frustration.

Ninja is now potentially quitting fortnite after very short return. its actually after being stream sniped after a short return to fortnite, Ninja might never play the game again or just might have to quit streaming fortnite entirely.

Topic begins 1:07

Later on the 2nd clip he goes on to talk about the viewer who was commenting in his chat, but ninja goes on to describe why he knows it was a stream sniper why he cannot play this game anymore because all these kids they just keep on stream sniping. He always run into stream snipers as alot of streamers do and thats why he’s considering just not playing fortnite ever again. Which is weird to say out loud when this is the game how he blew up

Topic begin 3:02

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