League of Legends Player ARRESTED LIVE but Finishes Game

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    A gaming cafe in China announced the name of a Challengers level League of Legends player who had just sat down to play in their store…leading to his immediate arrest by off duty police for an outstanding warrant.

    Challengers rank in league of legends is incredibly hard to get, and is basically the level that pro players and the very best solo queue stars play in, so when one of them sat down at a gaming cafe, they were so excited they announced his name over a loudspeaker. The only problem was that police happened to be looking for that man for an assault case, and an off duty officer arrested the gamer on the spot.

    So if it wasn’t for his extremely high Challengers rank in League of Legends, the arrest would have never taken place, although police were kind enough to let the man finish his game before taking him away. Unfortunately, the gamer lost his ranked match, and got hauled off to jail on a bit of a down note.

    So the moral of this story is if you are so good at League of Legends that they announce your name when you log in to play at a gaming cafe, maybe double check that you don’t have any outstanding warrants before you head out.

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