Kay Says the Truth on SaveTheKids Crypto Scam

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    Former FaZe Clan member Kay finally broke his silence on the SaveTheKids crypto scam, blaming the token’s creator and saying he was scammed too.

    The ex-FaZe Kay has been at the center of the SaveTheKids crypto scam since the start, so when he finally broke his silence by claiming that he too was a victim of the scam, it caught everyone off guard. In the emotional video, Kay said that he had lost money on the SaveTheKids token too, and blamed the creator for abusing his trust and allegedly scamming him.

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    While some FaZe fans seemed to take his explanation at face value, other big names were not so sure. xQc pointed out that unless the creator of SaveTheKids had access to Kay’s wallet, it wouldn’t explain the constant pattern of pumping and dumping crypto that Kay was revealed to have done in the investigation by Coffeezilla.

    It’s also hard to imagine Kay lost money, since we know he dumped his SaveTheKids tokens for$30,000 in profit within 24 hours of the crypto launching. These accusations were serious enough that FaZe Banks and others said jail time was a real possibility for Kay and FaZe Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo, and large parts of Kay’s video just don’t seem to line up with the available facts.

    But for now at least, Kay is the first of the FaZe members to speak up about SaveTheKids, and hopefully Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo will be able to shed more light on this wild crypto scam soon.

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