Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul ends without knockout


Taking place at Hard Rock Stadium, Florida, USA, Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul is a performance boxing match that received the attention of the world fighting sports village in early June.

After completing the weight loss session on June 6, Mayweather and Paul will enter 8 rounds, with a difference of body weight up to 16kg. Since it is a show match, the match is not scored but victory is still recognized if one of the two knockouts is achieved by the opponent.
Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Logan Paul:

Round 1: Logan Paul was the front-court presser, repeatedly punching Mayweather in the stomach, but the American legend still dodged well. Logan Paul repeatedly launched combos to press Mayweather at the end of the round, but it was not effective.

Round 2: Two boxers continue to probe, 2 poke left in the abdomen from Floyd. Combod shoveled left, straight right from Paul incorrect. Logan Paul began to show signs of weakness. Poking left after Paul, Floyd still dodged the attack effectively.

Accurate belly poke from Floyd Mayweather. Round 2 is over.

Round 3: Floyd continued to fight to force Logan Paul to use tricks to hug, the referee reminded Paul. Two boxers strike in a hug position. Floyd repeatedly used clicks and releases to disturb Logan Paul.

Round 4: Floyd began to actively attack and force Paul’s yard, the American youtuber significantly reduced his physical strength and hit his posture. Left hook exactly from Floyd at 1:30. Continue the left hook at 1:15. Punch the correct left from Floyd when the round has 20 seconds left. Round 4 is over

Round 5: Floyd lured Paul to repeatedly poke left. Combo poke belly, straight right from Floyd. Logan Paul was forced to move backwards under pressure from the opponent.

Floyd constantly approached, not giving Paul time to recover. Round 5 ended with a left and right combo from Floyd.

Round 6: Logan Paul extended the distance with left pokes while Floyd actively pushed up the pace of the game. Floyd threw 2 left hooks on target on Paul. The two sides did not have many notable situations.

Round 7: Logan Paul actively approached when the 7th round started. Floyd looked for an attack, but the physical difference prevented him from creating a surprise in the punches to Paul’s head.

Round 8: Logan Paul’s explosive effort at the start of the round quickly slowed down under Floyd’s disruptive ability. The two sides did not have many effective situations. Eight rounds of the show between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Logan Paul ended without a knockout.