Floyd Mayweather: ‘Logan Paul is a better fighter than I thought’

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    Lonely defeat” Floyd Mayweather praised his opponent Logan Paul after the draw in Florida on the morning of June 7 Hanoi time.

    “Logan is a young, strong, tough, and better fighter than I thought. I was surprised by Logan’s fighting style today. He doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he knows how to take advantage of his weight and weight. tied me up today,” Mayweather said after the fight.

    In the match on Hard Rock, Logan Paul, with the advantage of height and long arm span, took the initiative to attack right from the first half. The American YouTuber continuously launched left pokes, but Mayweather always maintained a reasonable distance and dodged the blow well. “Lonely for defeat” actively attacked from the fourth round, when Logan showed signs of weakness. Despite overwhelming, but Mayweather does not have enough attacks to finish the opponent. The match at Hard Rock ended in a draw, with no knockout.

    Showtime’s statistics after the match show that Mayweather is slightly better at hit accuracy with 40% (43 out of 107 hits). Logan Paul had 217 hits, but only hit 28 shots, achieving a 13% rate. According to CBS Sport’s desire scorecard, Mayweather won seven rounds, with a total score of 79-73.

    However, the fight between Mayweather and Logan is not recognized as a professional fight, so the fight does not determine the official winner, if there is no knockout.

    Although he could not win in the 51st fight, Mayweather was still satisfied. He said: “I’m not 21 anymore, but it’s nice to be able to fight with Logan, a young boxer, to test my strength, and to have fun. Both Logan and I have time. Have fun, and hope the fans enjoy the battle.”

    Meanwhile, Logan Paul is also proud to hold the famous senior. The American YouTuber also left open the possibility of the two sides rematching one more match to determine the winner.

    “Mayweather vs Logan rematch? I don’t know, let me practice more and maybe, I’ll win the next one,” Logan said. “The fact that I’m here to fight one of the greatest boxers of all time proves that anything is possible. Mayweather, it’s a great honor for me. This fight is definitely the one. one of the best moments of my life.”

    According to The Sun, Mayweather received $ 10 million in hard remuneration when signing a contract to fight this fight. But if you add the money to split the TV rights and other expenses, he pocketed $ 100 million, and Logan earned $ 20 million.

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