Faze Clan Going Public In Deal That Is Somehow Worth $1 Billion

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    You can soon own a chunk of FaZe Clan as FaZe is becoming a publicly traded company in a move that has the esports org valued at around 1 billion dollars.

    FaZe Clan is going to be available for sale on the US stock market in an initial public offering that should see them become the first esports org valued at 1 billion dollars. The move also means that fans can own shares in the esports giant, with over 30% of the FaZe Clan stocks up for sale, joining Astralis as one of the only publicly traded esports orgs in the world.

    So while Lee Trink will be the leader of this new version of FaZe Clan, and current owners like Nickmercs and FaZe Banks will receive stocks in the new company, about a third of the ownership stake of FaZe clan will be for sale in the stock market…and you can just snap up some shares.

    The move will make nearly 300 million dollars in new cash for FaZe Clan to invest in esports, content creation, and expansion, which could have huge implications for their esports operations. Suddenly spending 20 million on an LCS or LEC spot seems far more possible…or even a bigger push into mobile gaming esports like the PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile scenes. Either way, if this move winds up being a success, you could see more of your favorite esports orgs giving fans a chance to buy a piece of their company.

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