Facebook Streamer Disguised Toast Banned on Twitch


It seems Disguised Toast​ has been handed a Twitch ban for something that someone else said on his recent broadcast, although he is a Facebook Gaming streamer, he will now have to avoid playing with his Twitch friends for a couple of days.

Disguised Toast was one of the first ever twitch streamer to actually leave the platform for somewhere else that is not mixer and not youtube. He was already a big streamer on twitch, Facebook Gaming signed him just before he blew even more during the gigantic Among Us period especially on youtube.

His move to Facebook Gaming he found out that even with his contract with facebook he could go back to twitch every once in awhile to stream that were not gaming related (some contests, some shows) and unfortunately he now puts himself on a boat that most twitch streamers are not in because hes not really a twitch streamer with that facebook contract, hes not even a twitch partner any longer but he is now one of of those twitch streamers who is not a twitch streamer who has been unfortunately banned on twitch in a short return on the platform

He was apparently watching old clip where an opposing player used homophobic slur against him and he did receive a short temporary ban from twitch

If you’re not big streamers on twitch you wont get specific reason on your twitch ban. Because of someone else said to him so he received the ban. It seems twitch is just often so swamped, they can’t even look into the context of alot of these situations. He clearly does not deserve the ban. What do you think?

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