Facebook requires researchers to deactivate tool that evidences election ads

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    Facebook is a platform that, as we well know, is not precisely distinguished by protecting its users in terms of their privacy.

    Scandals such as Cambridge Analytica, on the other hand, have made it very clear to us that the priority of this platform is to be able to accurately profile each person to show them the ads that could trigger a specific reaction.

    More than one person could define all this as a manipulation process, especially in electoral campaign periods, where the perception of the candidates is molded according to the urgency of sympathy.

    The tool that showcases Facebook
    That is why multiple researchers and academics have begun to work on projects that seek to understand and exhibit how Mark Zuckerberg’s social network works with the selection and positioning of electoral advertising.

    In fact, New York University, together with journalists, First Amendment lawyers and researchers are now threatened by Facebook, following the development of the “Ad Observer” tool.

    This piece of software is a plug-in for web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, which has been installed on the computers of 6,500 volunteers participating in a study.

    Where information is being collected about the browsing habits of these individuals and the political advertisements that the social network shows them for this reason.

    But as reported by ABC News, Allison Hendris, a Facebook executive, has demanded the team behind the project to address and remove everything by November 30, 2020, or there will be legal consequences.

    The argument is that the information compiled in that study violates Facebook’s rules that prohibit the massive and automated compilation of information stolen from user profiles on the network.

    In the end, Ad Observer shows each and every ad that it launches to its audiences. Thus, with this one could understand how they weigh factors such as race, age, gender and political preference in strategies of disinformation and manipulation.

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