Facebook CANT Ban Cheaters (Warzone or Any)

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    A huge issue has been revealed with Facebook Gaming this week, as within 24 hours of Vikkstar’s Quitting Warzone video, the player exposed in the video was still streaming on Facebook, and with an update to the situation, will remain on the platform.

    Facebook Gaming right now unable to suspend or ban streamers who cheat. It seems really creazy. Just under a month ago, many news source talked about this.

    Just commen knowledge on the street if you’re a cheater and hacker you can go to facebook and probably be just fine. That even caused facebook gaming to eventually update their terms of service. It was an update in the right direction but they said you can only be demonetized and taken out of the facebook level up program not actually suspended or deleted or terminated on their platform if you cheat, you can still stream on the platform you just cannot directly monitize or be a part of facebook level up program like twitch partner.

    This also comfimed by Slasher

    then shroud responds

    This is gonna be real issues if facebook gaming countinues to let all cheaters and hackers streaming on their platform. Hope that facebook will solve this soon!

    Hope you enjoy. Have a nice day!

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