F2P Genshin Impact Raises $ 100 Million In Two Weeks

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    Genshin Impact has arrived at the most opportune moment: with a pandemic that continues to spread through the world and around the world, players are more inclined to spend time inside their homes enjoying their favorite hobby. The proposal of the Chinese studio MiHoYo seems the ideal one: fantasy, role playing and open world go hand in hand in this title, which is also free. Available on PC, mobile devices and PS4, the game has managed to raise around 100 million dollars since it debuted just two weeks ago. A figure that, although it has served to stifle development expenses, has also served to alert of the controversial micropayments that are included in the title.

    MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact has raised over $ 100 million since it was released globally on September 28. This figure has earned it to be considered as “the best launch” of a Chinese game in the international market. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners expects it to soon generate more than RMB 1 billion, the Chinese currency, which is equivalent to 150 million dollars.

    Ahmad himself maintains that Genshin Impact was “without a doubt the most successful release for an original IP from a Chinese developer”, with China, Japan, Korea and the United States as the main markets for this free title. Ahmad also echoes the Sensor Tower data, marking it as the second most successful game on iOS in its first week. In addition, he points out that the game was downloaded “more than 23 million times on iOS and Android in its first week.”

    Located in a fantasy world, the players’ mission is to found a group of characters with whom they will embark on an adventure, making use of their different abilities. Characterized by a beautiful art style that has served to be compared to titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, our mission is to restore balance to the world.

    The question resides in: How a free game has amassed this amount of money in two scarce weeks? The answer is found if we put the magnifying glass on their micropayments; a monetization mechanism that has also garnered solid criticism from the sector.

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