DrDisrespect Emotionally Talks about Losing Call of Duty Partner!

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    DrDisrespect has been a Call of Duty partner for the past 2 years, until this year when he received his permanent Twitch ban, when Activision suddenly seemed to cut ties with the Doc.

    The Doc himself talks about his twitch ban potentially being banned because his high salary. In the same stream he talks about his treatment by activision, activision certainly has acted pettily and in weird ways towards a few people and doc could be one of them. He actually goes on to talk about for the first time in 3 years hes no longer a cod partner streamer and all this kind of coincidentally timed with his twitch ban.

    So far we know twitch banned the doc alongside discord also cutting ties, everyone else kept doc in their corner and now it seems activision is acutally following the line of twitch and discord. The way they are treating doc he is no longer a cod partner and he didnt get a cod creator code which it only really sounded weird now after looking back on it timthetatman, nickmercs, symphony and a ton of other top cod creators out there and streamer they got creator codes right of the rip and doc was not one of them. It does kind of draw the question was doc’s twitch ban tied to the treatmean that activision is now currently giving him with call of duty.

    Here is the clip (begin 1:22):

    We dont know about what activison know about the Doc ban. We dont know why they took their actions but it seems pretty weird to talk about that around the same time that twitch has now banned DrDisrespect thats the same time for the first time in over 3 years that call of duty decided that Doc would not be a partner streamer. It seems all too much of a coincidence. Was Doc semi-blacklisted by activision and call of duty because his twitch ban? What is your thought?

    Hope you guys enjoyed the news! Have a nice day!

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