Dr Disrespect: Facebook Could Spell More Trouble Than Your Twitch Ban

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    Dr. Disrespect recently brought up the idea himself on the Facebook streaming platform. He was poking fun at what it might cost to make the streaming star an exclusive partner on Facebook. Of course, the number Dr. Disrespect suggested was not cheap.

    An 8-figure deal, around $ 40 million, is what Dr. Disrespect suggested that Facebook games would have to pay you to make it an exclusive streamer. Most of the conversation was probably just speculation about what he might do in a given situation, but what if that deal was made between Doc and Facebook?

    For Dr Disrespect, a $ 40 million deal as exclusive streamer is probably an outright win. He would be willing for life and free to do as he pleases. But that doesn’t change the issues that would arise and it doesn’t fix your current situation with Twitch.

    Many people, in the comment section of the video in which he talks about the Facebook deal, were clear in their positions. There were two faces of people who didn’t like Facebook games. Most concerned the structure of the site. Dr Disrespect would likely lose a large chunk of his viewer base by moving to Facebook games. The platform is still trying to attract more players, and it is not at the same stage as YouTube or Twitch. Facebook is very strange compared to those two sites, and they have their own community. Doc would have to reboot with a smaller part of his community when making a move.

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