Conor McGregor breaks lower leg as Dustin Poirier wins UFC 264 trilogy fight


On January 24 this year, Conor McGregor suddenly lost to Dustin Poirier, although he defeated this opponent quite easily in 2014. That defeat made the legendary Irish boxer hot blood and decided to rematch with Poirier one more time. again at the UFC 264 event. The fight takes place on the evening of July 11

However, the development of the match did not meet the expectations of a high-pitched confrontation between the two top boxers of lightweight. Immediately after the first round, McGregor had to give up because of a leg injury that the puncher hurt himself.

Poor foot posture after an attack seems to have broken McGregor’s leg. He collapsed within 5 seconds of the first round, Poirier attacked but could not “finish” the opponent. Only thing, McGregor could not continue to stand up, and the fight ended after only 5 minutes.

In the first round, Poirier attacked better and at one point made McGregor struggle to support in a lying position on the floor. The ear of the Irishman nicknamed “Crazy Man” bleeds after receiving blows from the American opponent.

The team of doctors, despite their best efforts, could not help Conor McGregor continue to fight and the knockout victory was counted for Dustin Poirier. After the moment the referee announced the victory belonged to Poirier, McGregor stinged his nose and criticized the opponent. However, the disappointment of the fans is undisputed.

After an unfortunate ending to his UFC 264 fight against Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor is not ready to close the book on their rivalry.

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