Call of Duty Pro Caught HACKING LIVE, Names OTHER Pro Hackers

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    A cheating scandal is rocking the Call of Duty scene after a Hacker was caught streaming live in a Vanguard event against OpTiC Dallas and others, and then after being caught the cheater released his own list of “confirmed hackers”.

    It was in an insane weekend for Call of Duty and their new Vanguard title, with Scump, Dashy, Illey, and Shotzzy all playing together in several events as the new OpTic Dallas, but in one event, and player named ShivGTK was apparently busted hacking live on stream after eliminating the team, leading to massive outrage from the other pros in the event.

    Octane, Clyaster, TJHaly and more came forward to say that they had lost money playing against Shiv, who has since deleted his social media after being caught hacking, and wanted to know if they were going to get their money back. Other pros mocked shiv’s list of “Confirmed hackers”, adding huge pro names, or shiv’s own name, while Nickmercs spoke out, saying that Call of Duty SnD was filled with the dirtiest, hacker filled creatures on the internet.

    So hackers have already gotten in Call of Duty:Vanguard just hours after launch and have started ruining events against big names like Scump and Dashy, and reminding players and pros that Warzone and Multiplayer both need serious anti-cheat and fast.

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