China is Killing Esports

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    Did a new gaming ban by China just kill off the nation’s esports?

    China has implemented a new rule, banning minors from playing video games during the weekday and allowing them only 1 hour of gaming on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The rules are an extreme tightening of already existing limits that had previously allowed gamers under the age of 18 90 minutes of gaming on weekdays and 3 hours on the weekends.

    China has a massive esports industry, but this move, which effectively cuts the playtime of any gamer under 18 to just 3 hours a week total, may be a death blow to a lot of the nation’s biggest esports. Esports pros start competing professionally well before 18 in games like League of Legends, Dota2, Overwatch and more, but with now only 3 hours of practice or competition time a week, those under 18 players are effectively out of esports.

    It also makes it much harder for Chinese pros to compete at the top level, if they have to wait till they are 18 to even have a chance to get in the kind of practice needed to become an esports pro, while other nations have kids who literally are raised on gaming. So did China just effectively kill their own esports scene with this new rule? League of Legends pros in the nation’s two biggest leagues, the LPL and LDL, have already been let go do to the new regulations in china, but this problem will only get worse in the future, as it’s hard to imagine a new generation of esports pros who can only play 3 hours a week.

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