DrDisrespect BARRED from Warzone Event

    Theres a lot of speculation out there around the Doc's case and the current ongoing Toronto Ultra Warzone event for $100k on...

    Ninja Has Made $100 Million Gaming

    This past weekend following a rant from NRG Esports Fortnite member Stable Ronaldo on how much Ninja has made from gaming.

    Nickmercs FINAL Response to Huskerrs “Fkin Loser”

    After a week of back and forths it's Nickmercs giving his final response to​ Huskerrs on their Warzone drama.

    Huskerrs TRASHES Nickmercs as “Dog Sh*t” Warzone Competitor

    The saga continues after HusKerrs called​ Nickmercs a man baby, Nick responded with some thoughts of his own, and Huskerrs now continues...

    Nickmercs RESPONDS to Huskerrs “I Don’t Fkn Like Him” “Fruit Cake”

    After a beef resurfaced from 5 months ago, Nickmercs has responded to​ Huskerrs calling him a man baby following a Warzone event.

    Huskerrs Calls Nickmercs Man Baby Over Past Warzone Beef

    Warzone's top earner in ​NRG Esports Huskerrs has called NICKMERCS a man baby over some past beef during a tournament.

    Shroud Says CSGO is Garbage Cause of Cheaters

    In a recent Twitch stream, Shroud​ again goes in on CSGO, this time not for dying, but for the rampant cheaters which...

    Nadeshot Makes Super Bowl Commercial Repping 100 Thieves

    Nadeshot has now done what few gamers can claim, as he lands a spot in a Super Bowl commercial for Rockstar,...

    Ninja Rages at Kids Stream Sniping and Quitting Fortnite

    In a recent stream,​ Ninja continued to run into stream snipers in Fortnite and has possibly called it quits on streaming the...

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