Battlefield 2042 WORST LAUNCH EVER?

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    Battlefield 2042 has had a historically bad launch, going down as one of the 10 worst games in Steam history as huge in-game bugs and balance issues have pissed off players and streamers like Shroud, while EA shadowbanned Dr Disrespect from helping to promote their game at all, turning the launch into a disaster.

    Battlefield 2042 has been a nightmare release for a huge AAA title, with EA getting almost immediately overshadowed by the surprise release of Halo Infinite multiplayer, and massive in game bugs and balance issues driving away players and Twitch streamers like Shroud, who has complained about the brokenly strong vehicles and bloom on guns just for starters, making the game one of the 10 worst in the history of Steam.

    EA shadowbanning Dr Disrespect and the streamer going public about it also did not help their Steam reviews at all, and then you have Twitch streamer AngryJoe ranting about how unbelievable it is that dev team with this much experience could screw up basic things so badly, like making vehicles unstoppable, having a terrible interface with no scoreboard, and not even being able to zoom in on the maps.

    And of course, Hackers have also made their way into Battlefield 2042 just like every other title, so between bugs, bad balance, design flaws, and bad press, Battlefield 2042 has gone down as one of the 10 worst video games ever on Steam…and possible the worst AAA title launch in years.

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