Among Us: next update will bring secret votes and other things

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    Among Us has prepared a few surprises for us with its new update, which will bring one of the most important changes to the game that we could have seen in general, since the voting system could change forever, but apart from being a bad thing, it was something necessary.

    Changes between us
    Many times we have felt very betrayed when one of our friends votes for us to expel us for thinking that we are the impostor, even when we really are.

    That is why the new update that is already available for Beta users on PC brings us a very interesting change: now the voting will be anonymous.

    But don’t worry, because this is not something that will be fully implemented in all games, but you can choose yourself if you want the voting to be public or secret in your game. The latter will add a new layer of complexity to the game, as it will be much more difficult to find the impostors based on their votes.

    The other two things that are added with the new update are the following:

    You can adjust the visibility of the taskbar, thus leaving them activated Always, only During Meetings or Never.

    Finally, something of vital importance is added for all those who suffer from some type of color blindness, because now for the task of connecting cables not only should be done by means of colors, but now matching images will be added so that this task can be done. complete regardless of colors.

    Honestly, they are great changes that will give a new life to this title and we cannot wait for these to reach the entire public, because they will create completely new experiences for all who love this game.

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