A $100,000 SINGLE Game of Warzone

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    The World Series of Warzone by Twitch Rivals is making history with Solo Yolo, a 1 game, 1 winner, singles Warzone event where one player will walk away with the entire $100,000 prize pool.

    Twitch Rivals has hosted the World Series of Warzone before, giving away $300,000 for their last trios events in EU and NA, but now, not only are they doing another huge duos event, they are doing the first ever singles event. And not just a normal singles event, with scores added over 5 games, but Solo Yolo, where 150 players all compete in just 1 match with the winner taking the entire $100,000 prize pool.

    As soon as the World Series of Warzone Duos event is done, all the players will drop as singles into one huge lobby, and from there, it’s literally winner takes all. So if Fifakill or Jukeyz get killed on the drop or early in the game, they are out of the running and just have to watch everyone else compete for 100k.

    World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo is one of the craziest events in esports history, and nothing like this has ever really been tried before. Will everyone be so afraid of dying they will just camp in a bush, or will the entire Warzone lobby just see dollar signs and go full aggro. Luckily, we will find out here in just a few minutes.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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