6 Year Old BANNED on Warzone (FaZe Clan Faking It?)

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    A Faze Clan finalist and 6 year old Rowdy has now been banned in Call of Duty Warzone, the question is, did he fake it for the FaZe5 challenge?

    Just last night on stream he supposedly was actually banned on Warzone and at the age of 6 years old causing a lot of debate as to exactly why he was banned for a game that is not meant for kids but is that the reason why he has now banned for warzone. A game he has been playing for several months, futher back from that has always on stream with his dad as well and so its causing alot of questions

    Here is the clip (Begin 1:00):

    At least when it comes to my personal opinion i’ve seen so many replies out there saying that hes too young to be playing the game. i find it incredibly hard to believe that its a real ban. What is your opinion?

    Hope you guys enjoyed the news. Have a nice day!

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